There are always lots of things going on around here and we stay busy with other projects in addition to the orchard. Here are just a few of our other ventures.

We raise our cows on a rotational grazing system through the spring, summer, and fall. They move to fresh ground twice a day, giving us thorough usage of the pasture and giving them solid nutrition levels all year long. Weeds are managed, the grass is fertilized evenly, and the cows stay healthy by moving away from soiled ground quickly.  Once the grasses have frosted  in late fall, they move to the winter paddock where they happily munch on the hay we have harvested in the summer.  The beeves eat grass and/or hay all year and when it gets close to butchering time, we add a ration of organic corn to their diet. Beef is available in the fall by the quarter, half or whole. If you’d like to be notified when ordering is available, please send us a message and we will add you to the list.


Not Just Apples

Asparagus in the spring and raspberries in the fall. Keep an eye on our Facebook page so you’ll know when these treats are ripe.

If you are looking for high quality alfalfa, grass or grass/alfalfa/clover mix in large rounds or small squares, we can help you. Chris also provides CRP/pasture mowing and hay services including planting, cutting, raking, baling, and hauling. Our Brillion SS112 12′ hay seeder is available for rent or Chris can do your planting for you.

Other Produce

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